ENCORE is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the CSHS orchestra program. Agendas and minutes available in our Google group (membership required). You can also join our Facebook group (membership required) to receive reminders about meetings and activities.


Provide financial support and assistance to the orchestra program at College Station High School, College Station, Texas (hereinafter “CSHS”), which includes the orchestra director, all orchestra students.

ENCORE: Every Note Creates an Outstanding and Rewarding Education

2022-23 Goal

This year your help is needed more than ever! Through the hard work and efforts of Mr. Hooper and all the orchestra students, both orchestras have earned an invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City this coming Spring. This  would be the third time in the school’s history and we are all proud and excited of this achievement. Mr. Hooper, student leadership, and ENCORE members have already started working on making this amazing learning opportunity a reality, but these efforts only account for a fraction of the planning and work needed to make this trip possible. ENCORE is asking for an “all hands on deck” approach from all parents to make this happen, and below we include information that may help in answering questions regarding this year’s goal.
What is the main goal?
Raise enough money to cover the transportation of instruments and equipment to and from New York, as well as to help offset the cost of the trip for all students.
Who is going?
All CSHS orchestra students from both orchestras are invited to perform. Of Course Mr. Hooper and school leadership will be present along with volunteer chaperons; but more information on this below.
When is this trip?
It is scheduled for the weekend right before Spring Break (Thursday, March 9 to Sunday, March 12, 2022).
What would be the cost?
As of now we do not have final numbers, but from experience we are estimating that the package including flight, hotel and planned activities will be around the $3,000 mark per student. Final cost will be available as soon as we have a more concrete number of people going and get CSISD Board approval to shop for vendors. It is important to keep in mind that the more fundraising we do early in the year the less students will end off paying on this amount, which in prior years have been closer to $2,300. Volunteer chaperones will be responsible to cover their expenses and will pay the same price for the group package (around $2,500), but for legal reasons involving the nonprofit nature of the money raised they cannot receive the same discounted final price the students will pay.
How can you support this? 
Easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Join! ENCORE membership is only $20 per school year per student and is by far the quickest way to start boosting the orchestra’s goals. As a member you have access to our monthly meeting and have a vote that will directly help plan and organize ENCORE activities to support our students.
  2. Volunteer! There will be many opportunities to volunteer, especially during the fall semester. Parents and families can take part or lead committees, fundraising activities, or just help during concerts and social events. ENCORE is purely parent run and depends on your support for the success of our orchestra students.
  3.  Connect! By making sure you are on the ENCORE and/or orchestra mailing list to stay on the know of all activities and events regarding ENCORE and the CSHS Orchestra through our Facebook and Tweeter page.


President: Melisa Arrieta

Vice-President: Brandy Petereit

Treasurer: Jane Zhou

Secretary: Julia Motekaitis

Fundraising Committee: Sarah Bankston, Jamie Britton, Kristie Clark, Elizabeth Poprick

Hospitality Chair: Kelli Kimber

Uniform Committee: Sewon Han, Elizabeth Kang, Dilini Kulatilaka, Nikki Mahapatra, Heron Park, Melis Rasier

Social Media Chair: Gyorgyi Gyarmati

Webmaster: Karlos Ortiz 

To reach our officers, please, email ([email protected])


CSHS ENCORE – College Station High School ENCORE

4002 Victoria Avenue

College Station, TX 77845